This past month, two very important reports were disseminated, both of which demand the attention of nurse leaders. The Carnegie Foundation’s Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation1 and the results of a Gallup Poll, Nursing Leadership from Bedside to Boardroom, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,2 present provocative data about nurses and how and what we think we prepare them to do. The findings provide much food for thought.

Here are just some questions we must ask ourselves as we move forward:

  • Do all members of the professoriate in nursing have the commitment to change? To engage themselves in the work of changing undergraduate education?
  • What financial forecasting models are needed to determine the cost of preparing faculty for these new roles and pedagogies?
  • How do we predict and then accommodate changes in the numbers of students that can educated using new models?
  • How receptive will healthcare systems be to these new models, to embedding faculty into their leadership structures, and what can they offer in terms of support?

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1. Benner P, Sutphen M, Leonard V, Day L. Educating nurses: a call for radical transformation. San Francisco (CA): Jossey-Bass; 2010.

2. Gallup, Inc. Nursing leadership from bedside to boardroom: opinion leaders’ perceptions. [Submitted to] The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, January 20, 2010.